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What better way to get to know a band than to experience them live? Do I like their style of music? Can the musicians in the band play at all? Are their songs my cup of tea? What is the sound like? It is now possible to judge all that – without blindly buying a concert ticket or our live CD/DVD from our shop.

Just sign up for our email list here and we’ll grant you access to a full live concert – professionally recorded and mixed as well as containing an atmo track recorded right within the audience for the full concert atmosphere – almost as if you were in the venue yourself – and all of this not in low streaming/MP3 quality, but as an uncompressed WAV (this recording is only available here and not on any streaming platforms anyway).

PS: Once you are on our e-mail list, you will receive further exclusive and/or still unreleased recordings and songs, behind-the-scenes glimpses through exclusive videos that cannot be found on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, as well as discount coupons on products in our shop from time to time. Also there’s early information about concert dates or upcoming releases of course. So you’re directly in touch the band – if you want. Because if you don’t like the recorded concert, simply unsubscribe from our e-mail list with a simple click on “unsubscribe”. We won’t be mad. Promise. 😉

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